My Observation In The 2nd-Grade Classroom

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After completing my observation in the 2nd-grade classroom, I was introduced to Ms. Jackson the 1st-grade teacher. When I first walked into her classroom I felt like it was very bright, fun, and welcoming. Lady bugs were hung on the walls and were a continued theme throughout the classroom. Bookshelves were low, as well as all the furniture and the multiple containers were labeled. Objectives were listed on different boards and many posters outlining different elements of their day were hung on the walls. This seemed to be a very kid friendly, age appropriate classroom. Once the students returned from their lunch recess, Ms. Jackson started teaching her lesson on opinion writing. She hung a chart on the board that outlined the title, topic sentence, 3 supporting …show more content…
However, it gave me clear outlines of what I do not want my room to be. Upon fist glances, it seemed to be good, but once I was in there it felt odd. Ms. Jackson communicated that she had been teaching for 32 years and I can’t help but wonder if she doesn’t have the passion for doing it anymore. Relating to a conversation we had in a class, this is a common thing among teachers. I hope to never lose my desire and passion for being a great teacher. From Ms. Jackson’s class I have learned that without passion and drive, students do not spark when they learn something new. They do not want to push harder to reach their goals. I want to create independent and eager students who have a strong desire to learn all that they can. My students will feel that I want them in my classroom and that they are all able to do great things. I will show sincerity in my complements with body language that says the same thing, they will not just be words coming from my mouth. No matter how pretty the wrapping is, you cannot make a classroom one that promotes learning if the teacher is not willing to put in the time and

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