Essay about My Reflection On My Religious Experience

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My Religious Experience My religious experience can only be described by first entering my thought process when I first heard of the assignment. I am still a little Christian girl in the blind eyes of my parents, and due to my safety I intend to keep it that way. I rewrote this paragraph several times, I relayed no information about this essay to my parents in fear they would want to read it, and now I hope it reaches its full potential as I 've finally decided to sum it up with a simpler phrasing: I 've realized my experiences center around the idea of hatred and fear. I grew up, like most in the American South, going to church every Sunday. I loathed it with every bit of my little body. From having to wear a dress to having to sit still and listen to some irrelevant old text, I 'm pretty sure that 's literally what bored the hell out of me. My mother was raised into the Baptist ways and unlike the usual baptist people we would sit in the front row. My father was raised as a Lutheran, and he stayed home to watch some preacher on TV. There was one thing you had to do to be welcomed into the Baptist church I was raised in: conform and never question. You were supposed to sit there and nod! That’s right, nobody questions the pastor. The entire church was made up of men and women over sixty and their children who had never left Statesville, and then their grandchildren. At that time there weren’t many grandchildren, and I was the only child my age that existed in my…

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