Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Citations In College Students

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As the semester is coming to a close, it is only appropriate to reflect upon my first semester of college. I may not attend a highly prestigious university, however attending a community college still allows me to continue my education. I come from a school where our English department was not the best, but thanks to my persistence and hard work I managed to secure a spot in the International Baccalaureate Program, a program that excels in developing students in all subjects. That being said, English has never been my strongest subject, often times I struggled with my writing throughout high-school. For the most part, most of my papers were deemed to be below college level, a fact that has always puzzled me. Despite this, I have always desired …show more content…
This lecture taught me how to properly cite certain materials as well as teach me all the resources available in regards of citations. Even though, I was already exposed to citations during high-school it is important to go back and learn once again how to properly cite as well as when to cite in a paper. However, during the course of this class, I had no idea how to properly cite a long quote nor how to format this quote in a paper. The introduction of how to cite something like this has allowed me possesses the knowledge needed if I ever stumble across the need to cite a quote that goes behind a couple of sentences. I know for a fact that, these lectures regarding citations will benefit me in the long run, especially in the later years of my educational …show more content…
In most cases, I often times noticed that my paper lacked a excellent attention-seeker. This is true, since most times I have no clue how to simply start a paper. Despite, my inability to formulate a good introduction sentence I was introduced to several options on how to start a paper, from a overwhelming statistic to using a personal experience as a way to hook the reader. I am not saying I no longer struggle, but it has certainly allowed me to at least have a few options when it comes to starting a paper. This is essential, since they way someone starts their paper, gives the reader a glimpse of the rest of the paper. Even though this might be a basic skill to posses, I truly believe it has impacted my writing in a positive

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