My Reflection On My Experience In My English 10M Class

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Last year was my first year of college, as a freshman in college, I’m scared about failing my class so I tried my best to work on every assignment in order to have a good grade. But I still had all kind of new experiences, like driving by myself to school, new kind of teaching system and meeting new friends. I had many interested assignment from all my class, but my English 10M class is the class that help me improve on my writing. In English 10M class we had many essay assignment and we are require to do at least 3 draft before turning it in. We also have chance to do peer review and get feedback from professor, which help a lot for me to understand where I always make mistake on and need to work more on it. After taking English 10M class, I had an unforgettable essay experiences and I learned a lot from it.
The narcissism essay has a lots of requirement. I remember it was in my English 10M class, when we finished the reading about narcissism, we had an essay assignment argue about whether narcissism is good or bad, and we need to use the resource from those reading, and connect my own experience or opinion. So we need to pick a side and do
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This is very hard for me at the beginning because I never did any kind of citation before. In High School I used to write my essay without doing any citation and I can still get a good grade on it. In College, some professors does not require citation, so I don’t have a lot chance to work with it. Citation might be a small problem, but it could cause plagiarism, which is a very serious problem. Using sources in my papers can help me to write a strong paper with a lots information support. But I didn’t know that if I used someone’s work I had to mark a quotation with those words or even we put it in our own word, we still need to cite it. It is what I learn new and is very important for any

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