My Reflection On Iom Recommendation Regarding How My Education Level Affects The Job Market

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Currently, health care system is complex and very different from old days. Health care needs have changed because of numerous reasons for example; growing population with elderly people, new technology, increase reliance on drugs, growth of allied health care professions mounting health insurance cost and chronic health condition. Because of multiple reasons affordable health care was established to resolve the challenges. Institute of Medicine (IOM) demands on nurses to take a bigger role in this complex healthcare system in United State. It is essential for nurses to attain requisite competencies to deliver high quality care. And also to take leadership role in all setting to meet the demand of this transforming health care system. According to IOM recommendations; increases the proportion of baccalaureate degree nurse to 80% by 2020, double the number of doctorate nurses by 2020 and ensure nurses participate in life long learning throughout their career to deliver safe, qualitative, accessible and affordable health care (IOM, 2010). This paper discusses my reflection on IOM recommendation regarding how my education level affects the job market and how I compete in the current job market.
Fitting Myself into the IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations
I completely agree with the IOM report that focuses on nursing education. IOM states that educational nurse leaders throughout all schools of nursing should work together to increase the proportion of baccalaureate degree…

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