Essay on My Prom Night : Sarah. Sarah

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Have your ever heard of someone getting their heart broke on their amazing prom night? Well let me introduce you to a beautiful young lady name Sarah. Sarah was a graduating senior of Hill Forest High School, and she had been dating a guy name Lawrence since her eighth grade year. Also, Lawrence was a graduating senior of Hill Forest High School. They went through a lot of chaos during the time they dated, but they still managed to hold on to each other. Their relationship status was very complicated, but they decided to put their hard feelings to the side for a phenomenal prom night. While she thought that she was about to experience the greatest night of her life, she was taught the biggest life lesson by the one she loved most. On April 22,2016, Sarah started to prepare for her fairy tale night. She informed Lawrence that she was going to attend prom with her friends. So, Lawrence decided to have a conversation with her friend Jessica, and he hoped Jessica would change Sarah’s decision about not attending prom with him. Finally, Lawrence was able to run into Sarah at the mall. Sarah was informed that Jessica told Lawrence the color of her dress, and Lawrence purchased the exact same color tuxedo. So, Sarah was going to be forced to match him that night. After receiving the unexpected news, Sarah decided to lose the animosity towards Lawrence, and she decided to finish the conversation between them. Lawrence asked, “Can we just take a picture, have a conversation, and…

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