My Profile On The Medical School Application Process Essay

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After tediously editing my profile for months, I finally send it out into to the world to be scrutinized by complete strangers. I have just entered the unfamiliar world of online dating. Unfortunately, I soon discover a series of fake profiles, robots, and con artists. For all I know, the witty, intelligent, female nurse who’s messaging me could be an old, bald, white guy with a beer gut, who still lives in his mother’s basement and plays World of Warcraft all day.

Fortunately, sincere online daters do exist. In fact, this is how I met my current, long-term girlfriend. It was a new experience for me to create an enticing profile, banter with matches, set up coffee dates, and eventually find the one. I am an introvert by nature, somewhat shy and humble, yet I learned to push beyond my personal bubble and speak my mind unencumbered by my own insecurities.

Remarkably, I have found this experience to be similar to the medical school application process: creating a thoughtful primary application, getting to know myself better through secondaries, meeting face-to-face at an interview, and deciding if something long-term, an admissions offer and acceptance, is in both of our best interests. If we do decide to commit, I hope one day to have kids, or residents, of my own, as well as a fulfilling career, or relationship. Without getting ahead of myself, let me tell you a little about my interests, aspirations, and qualifications.

My interest in medicine first began when I…

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