My Professor's Definition Of A Computer

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1. My Professor’s definition of a computer is an electronic and or phonetic technological device repository of data and information with adaptive archival and retrieval methodologies.
2. D.I.K.I. is an algorithm developed and published by my Introduction to Technology professor, Doug Lauffer. The letter D is for Data, which is the numbers, words, pictures, or sounds that represent facts figures or ideas; the raw input that user have at the start of a job. The second letter I is for Information, which is data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion; the result, or output that users require at the end of a job. The letter K is for Knowledge, which is the possession of information and the ability to quickly locate it. The
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Information technology devices have become so fast and computationally powerful due to the improvement and integration of several factors. Some of these factors include the ability to manufacture smaller microprocessors that contain billions of transistors. The overall speed of a computer and how fast it is able to process data is controlled by the Central Processing Unit or CPU. Today’s computers are designed with multi-core processors that capable of processing over 100 billion instructions per second. The addition of more memory has also increased the speed of todays’ computers. New hard drives, that have no moving parts, are being used, resulting in faster read and write times from and to the hard drive. (Information used to answer this question was referenced from the website, …show more content…
My professor’s test to define an individual as, either, an educated person or a scholar is by determining whether the individual is someone who can listen to, watch, or read anything without having to accept it. Compared to someone who studies, contemplates, and seeks to understand. The latter being the definition of a scholar.
6. When I signed up for CCBC password reset portal, it prompted me to choose three security questions and answers. It is this information that will be used to verify my identity, if I should ever need to reset my password. Signing up for the CCBC password reset portal provides the user with the ability to reset their own password without having to wait for the helpdesk. It provides the user with the ability to unlock the computer if they become locked out of it. It provides the user with the ability to update any changes in contact details
7. Rave is an emergency alert system that notifies you of any issues concerning the CCBC campus. For example, today, I received an email and text message alerting me that there was a gas line leak at the LRC (Learning Resources Center) building. Therefore, the library is closed, today, and all afternoon classes in the LRC building have been cancelled. Access to “Rave” is found to the left hand side of the screen in the navigation window pane. Click on the button titled “Emergency Alerts.” You can register additional emails to have emergency messages sent. Likewise, you can register your phone to receive emergency

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