My Philosophy On Philosophy Of Teaching Essay

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Philosophy of Teaching
My philosophy on education centers on an active approach as I engage students in discussions, activities, and higher-level thinking. I believe that all children can learn, therefore I have high expectations for students. It is my goal to improve student achievement with quality instruction that prepares children to influence the future.
Philosophical Foundation According to Piaget’s Cognitive Theory, children are born with a very simple and basic mental structure that helps mold a children learning and knowledge acquisition (McLeod, 2009). Piaget’s Cognitive Theory is composed of three basic components, the schemas, the adaptation processes that helps transitions from one stage to the other (equilibrium, assimilation, and accommodation), and the four stages of development. From the three components found in the Cognitive Theory, schemas and the adaptation process are critical for teaching to be effective. According to Piaget, Schemas are defined as “a cohesive, repeatable action sequence possessing component actions that are tightly interconnected and governed by a core meaning (McLeod, 2009). Schemas are basically how people organizes knowledge and when taking teaching and education into consideration, teachers should really make it a priority to learn how their students file away their knowledge. Once teachers grasp how their students’ process and file the information being presented to them, they can modify their lessons in a way that can meet…

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