My Education: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Philosophy of Teaching
It is my intention to present myself as a newly certified educator whose teaching philosophy will collaborate with educational institutions in the promotion of literacy. I will approach this by discussing how teaching and learning interact with one another, legal approaches impact education, diversity and social changes demand equity, and how my educational philosophies will shape my role as a teacher.
Teaching and learning depend on one another to optimize results. To teach productively, an understanding of what students consider meaningful is required because a meaningful curriculum enhances learning. Capturing students’ interests enables students to engage in implemented inquiry based learning in which they will begin
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Per the Common Core State Standards there will be higher expectations on student performance so that they become better prepared for life after high school education. Students’ critical thinking, reading, and writing skills will be strengthened since curricula will be developed to specifically target these areas of high need. Also, the ruling on the McCleary v. State case will enable students to receive an equitable education in which all the necessary tools will be provided for learning enhancement. There new funding will place students in smaller group size classrooms that will allow them to receive additional help from teachers who would not be overwhelmed by vast numbers of learning differences within a single classroom. It is my goal as a teacher to lead students to success, so by complying with the state standards and by the using all the tools made available by state funding will properly equip me to ensure that students meet the teaching …show more content…
I believe that the combination of the Progressive and Essentialist teaching philosophies can be significant in student success because they will be nurtured in an environment that will stimulate their creativity, inspired to participate, freed to explore, and conditioned to be critical thinkers. I believe that these philosophies are necessary for cognition development and for learning enhancement. Enabling students to make choices of what is added to a curriculum deteriorates meaningless routines and increases the likeliness of students learning the course objectives. Students can exploit their ability to perform at their highest potential in the core subjects of education by the application of my teaching

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