My Philosophy On Middle Level Education Essay

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As a middle school educator I know every aspect of my job is going to need me to be developmentally responsive to the needs of my students. The more I understand what is going to be required of me to be the best middle school teacher I can be, I can see my philosophy on middle level education developing. It is not the same philosophy I had when I started and I know it is going to continue to change as I gain more knowledge and experience in the classroom.

Middle Schools were created shortly after junior high schools. In 1963, Dr. William Alexander spoke at a Cornell University conference to examine the status and future of the junior high school, because they weren’t meeting the needs of adolescents the way they were planned to. Teachers and administrators saw the unique social, emotional, and physical needs of adolescents between the ages of 10 and 15 and responded very positively to his presentation. Shortly after, the middle school movement was born. Middle schools usually include grades 6-8. They are focused more on cooperation in comparison to junior high schools, which were more focused on isolation and traditional teaching. Middle schools provide a common wheel of experiences for all students, while students choose their electives in junior high school. The creation of middle schools allowed teachers to meet the individual needs of adolescents a lot better.

Adolescents under go more changes between the ages of 10 and 15 than they will at any other time in their…

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