Peer Pressure In Middle School

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When one thinks of schools in general they think of kids going to school to learn how to read, write and do their arithmetics. That is so far from the realities of what occurs in schools these days, for students as well as for the teachers. What I came away with from this class with was the fact that middle school students have so many other things that they deem far more important than learning. Also, teachers have so many other issues that impact their teaching that many people are not aware of. Middle schoolers are adolescents that are dealing so many issues that many of us aren’t even aware.One is dealing with peer pressure. In Coming of Age, a student, Ethan speaks about how peer pressure caused him to do things his parents wouldn’t want him to do. So, not only is there pressure from other students but from …show more content…
Also, these same students have issues making decisions, which comes into play due to their intellectual development. At this time in their lives, students tend to make rash decisions or decisions based solely on emotional and teachers should be cognisant of that and more readily to have a conversation than just punishment. Again in Coming of Age Brighton implores that teachers, as well as, parents should keep things in perspective, listen attentively and take concerns seriously. Middle schoolers are more opinionated about their learning, add to that they have an inability to sit still for long periods, this is partly why the traditional style of teaching isn 't as effective at this level and the style needs to be adjusted. The teaching style needs to be more student -centered, giving these students an opportunity have a stronger impact on their learning. Middle school students are also going through physical, emotional and social

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