Educational Goals And Philosophy Report

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As far back as I can remember teaching young children has always been a passion of mine. I remember going with my mom to her school where she taught Pre- K on my days off of school and being so excited to engage and work with the students. Watching them learn new things and seeing how excited they get when they are able to do something helped me to realize that I wanted to be the person to help them achieve their goals. My primary focus is the elementary grades since I enjoy their innocence and willingness to try new things even when they know it is difficult for them. Young children seem to have a passion to explore their surroundings and are able to look at different situations with an open mind. I feel this is why I enjoy working with …show more content…
I believe for the most part that educators and our schools are trying to do the best that they can but there is always room for improvement. Schools are offering extracurricular activities to students to help promote students identifying their interests and abilities outside of the classroom walls. With more hands on learning students are given the opportunity to explore what they enjoy and where their interests are instead of just teaching what the text book says. Interactive classrooms have become prevalent in our classrooms and this has allowed our students to work with others and develop and set personal goals as well as classroom goals. Our schools today have come to realize that not all students learn in the same way. By teaching not only the basics of education but allowing students to explore and open new doors at their own pace has helped students to become better learners. Many classrooms that you walk into you will find various learning activities going on at the same time with students learning how to work together as a group and to help them to understand how important everyone’s contribution is. Our schools today and the philosophy of education is allowing our schools to become well rounded citizens who will be able to enter in the work force and contribute their knowledge. This is happening because we are changing the way education used to be of sitting behind a desk with pen and paper and allowing our students to learn and grow by interacting with others and our community. Many schools are now offering opportunities for students to visit the workplace and to see first-hand what happens in our community. Our school system has had many changes over the years and school has now become a place where students can feel safe, learn not

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