My Philosophy Of Education Is A State Of Flux, It Is Still Evolving

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My philosophy of education is still is a state of flux, it is still evolving. The one constant that remains after careful review of what I have learned in this course, is for instructors and administrators to keep learning to teach. Teachers, administrators, and parents need to keep learning new skills to be successful advisors to children. A teacher who stops learning can grow complacent. Teachers who show up but are not clued in to what is happening lose the ability to get information to students. I have attended conferences, read educational philosophy, and heard speakers talk about what is needed to keep students learning. The common theme I see is to keep challenging oneself and students, and to reason what one knows.

I often paraphrase a quote I read many years ago, “Know yourself and your own reach to know, how far your learning, teaching, and abilities go. Launch not beyond that depth but be discrete. Mark that point well where sense and dullness meet.” I don’t know who wrote this. It could be Emerson, but I believe it is John Keats. For some reason the quote has stuck in my head for a long time. After taking several classes in educational leadership, curriculum mapping, school law, and human resources, I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer be repeating the quote. The quote talks about how a person should not try to go beyond his capabilities. I am of the opinion, that unless you test the waters and attempt new growth; challenge yourself,…

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