My Philosophy Of Education And Special Education In Mazel Day School

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Teaching is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a certain aura, attitude and a particular frame of mind. I was well aware of that fact long before I decided to pursue my Masters in Education and Special Education. I knew about if from observing teachers during my school years in Russia, then in Israel. But even a better idea of what teaching is came to from my 17 years experience of being a mother of 3 children. As I went first with my older daughter and then other kids thru all grades starting in pre-nursery and up to high school, dealing with all kinds of issues and problems; educational, administrative and psychological, I learned firsthand about the advantages and disadvantages of American education system. Of course, coming to …show more content…
Of course the reality of teaching even in the best of schools is usually different than that of an ideal theoretical philosophy. I learned that teaching is a very noble but difficult profession. It entails a lot of sacrifices but at the same time it makes you feel fulfilled. I experienced firsthand that teaching holds many responsibilities, but the main one I feel is the responsibility to mold minds, which is a huge one and believe that only parents and family supersede the teachers in that. During my time is school I felt that in order to be effective in changing children’s perspectives and mold their character, the teacher needs to be conversant and passionate of the subject. I experienced that getting the message across is not enough; a teacher’s demeanor and passion do count in generating a positive response from the students. Being a teacher also requires a lot of patience, understanding and compassion. These traits would enable a teacher to reach out to the students quickly. Trust and respect then develop and the student becomes more comfortable in the classroom and is eager to learn. If there is no trust, respect and communication between the student and teacher, the opposite happens. Students do not look forward to going to …show more content…
They stress the importance of involving parents in the educational process, of educating them on how to be better parents to realize their full potential and to provide their kids and my students with the environment that has a common goal of bringing up a generation of well rounded, emotionally and academically intelligent, moral individuals. The school believes that communication and dialogue between parents and teachers is essential. Parents are encouraged to share comments and concerns. Mazel Day School has a Facebook page which we use to update parents on what is happening in school as well as post homework for the next day. Parents can use it as well by commenting or asking questions. Technology is used to serve teachers and our students, and not vice versa. The schools’ belief is that open and positive communication with parents allows it to gain their support for schools’ policies and educational

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