My Perspective Of Functioning Within Society Essay

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Self-Awareness Paper: My Perspective of Functioning Within Society

All societies operate as one larger system, composed of many smaller parts. For this system to function well each part must work correctly and then work together. Each person in the society is one of these smaller components. For each person to fit into and contribute to society, they must be self-aware. While I am constantly reexamining who I am, introspection is not all that I must be aware of. I must be aware of three things: who I am, how others perceive me, and who I am becoming. For most of my life I knew how to categorize myself into labeled boxes my family and society had set out in front of me to choose from. While I will always consider myself as a white, American woman, I have realized that I had the freedom to choose who I wanted to be, regardless of what anyone else claimed were the right things to be. In the last few years, I have discovered new labels to better describe myself: bisexual, in a committed relationship, artistic. While these labels have certainly changed my perspective of myself, the newest one is certainly the most impacting: pregnant. This caused me to suddenly change my daily habits. As soon as those home tests came back positive, I never touched another cigarette. I also started taking vitamins every day at lunch and became obsessed with the future and how my body would change as my baby developed. The pregnancy has caused my introspection to skyrocket as well as my…

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