My Perspective Analysis

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In life, the ability to change one’s own perspective is crucial for success. A good perspective allows one to empathize and understand where someone else is coming from. This impacts everything from business deals, politics, or simply helping a stranger who is having a bad day. Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to gather for myself perspectives that many people don’t have the chance to gather at my age. These unique perspectives came about after multiple trips abroad.
At the age of thirteen, my family and I traveled to China. We visited a number of enlightening places including the following: the bustling cities of Shanghai and Xi’an, The Great Wall of China, and the agricultural area near Dongying. These were some of the most memorable experiences of my life. This trip gave me culture shock and a newfound gratitude for what we are blessed with in America. Seeing the millions of people crowding the cities of China really puts one’s own life into perspective.
Most of us see ourselves as the “main hero” of our own life story. When I saw that many people in one place—hurrying, doing yoga, talking with people—it made me realize I’m not the “main hero” like I thought I was. At the age of thirteen, those crowds taught me that each life is a precious gift, and that each person is just as complex and complicated as the next. I also grew in
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But although every culture is unique and different, we are still all connected. In every culture, people love, hate, smile, cry, laugh, and dream of the future. The more I see different cultures, the more I realize just how similar we really are. I have learned just how large and diverse this world truly is. I have learned the value of a life. I have learned how life is not about what others can do for me, but rather what I can do for others. I have learned all of this from the world around

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