Essay about My Personality As A Professional

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This paper aims to analyze my personality as a professional and it also goes into details about every aspect of my personality as per the Jung Typology Test. My personality type is INTJ according to the test. This categorizes my type as an “Independent Thinker” (Kroeger, Thuessen, & Rutledge, 2002, p. 324). By understanding different personality types, employers have a tool that can determine which fields their employees can perform the best on. The first part of the paper, I will discuss the various facets of my personality by breaking it down to each individual trait. Along with explaining each individual trait, I will also be sharing personal experiences in which each trait played a significant role. The second part will be used to expose the areas that I need to improve on. As with anything in this world, there are some good aspects and some bad aspects. Knowing what my shortcomings are has a great impact on how I can utilize myself at work better and it also serves as a tool for refining my personality. In God’s Word, the psalmist says “For you have tried us, O God; you have refined us as silver is refined.” (Psalm 66:10)
Personality Project

According to the Jung Typology Test, my personality is INTJ. This means that I am Introverted, I trust my iNtuition, I rely on Thinking, and I am a Judge of everything. People within the same personality spectrum are labeled as “Independent Thinkers” and we are very calculated and planned. In order to understand further how…

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