Essay on My Personal Values And Values

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Values are a set of beliefs and ideals that are meaningful to an individual, group or organization. They signify what is most important in our lives and often gives reasoning for our particular actions. Each set of values differs from on individual to the next because they are built off of our own personal experiences, social environments and family backgrounds. Values play a major role in how we go about living our daily lives. My set of personal values consists of the importance of family, true happiness, knowledge and spiritualty. Throughout my life the development of my personal values took place based off of different aspects of my life, beginning with the value of the importance of family.
Growing up I didn’t live in the typical two-parent household but instead was raised by a single mother, with assistance from my grandmother. Faced with the challenge of having a child during college she knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but overcame all challenges while still managing to graduate on time with her class. During that last year my mother spent finishing college in Raleigh, North Carolina, my grandmother took the responsibility of raising me back in our hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. My mother would spend weekend after weekend coming up to spend time with me. Although my father didn’t have much involvement in my early years, he always made sure that finically he supported although lacking in any real relationship. Living in a middle class household we had it pretty…

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