My Personal Values And Ethics

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to write a one-page position paper, reflecting my thoughts about my personal values and ethics. For the second assignment, I was expected to submit a one-page position paper, presenting the conceptualization of my professional ethics and principles. In the last part of this project, I was asked to create a culturally and linguistically appropriate 3-minute video presentation, explaining a selected ethical standard to an assigned client.

Explanation of how artifact relates to competencies:
My 3 Minute Video on Ethics project increased my familiarity with the ACA Code of Ethics and heightened my awareness of the law standards in the field of counseling (A.2.). This experience allowed me to practice ethical reasoning, and taught me that professional ethics are intended not only to assist counselors in solving ethical dilemmas, but also were created to protect clients from unethical therapy experiences. According to ethical standards, my responsibility is to always act in accordance to the principle of beneficence and avoid doing harm. Additionally, working with a client with a different cultural background made me realize that it is necessary not only to understand client’s worldview and develop knowledge about different cultures, but also to be aware of my cultural heritage. I learned that certain domains of the code of ethics are also regulated by law, and not abiding by the ethical and legal standards may results in formal complaints and lawsuits. From that point

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