My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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"Alright class it is time to sit down and start our morning work," the teacher said. I walked over and went to sit down with my new friends. I was very shy and did not say a single word except to the ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. I remember sitting down and grabbing my pencil. The smell around me reminded me that I was not in daycare any longer and I was a big girl and who needed to get her work done. I looked around and everyone had their pencils in their right hands. I could hear their pencils moving on the paper while my pencil was just in my hand. I touched my hand wondering why when I put my pencil in my right hand that it felt so uncomfortable. I could taste the tears rolling down my cheeks from me crying. I just kept asking myself why I was so different. I went to my mom asking her why the other children held their pencils in their right hands. My mom said," Baby, Jesus just wanted you to be different from everyone else." I asked, "If Jesus wanted me to be so different then why did he make me have to hold my pencil in the left hand."
Being left handed was something that was new to me. Every year I could hear the teacher say who in the class is left handed? I felt the tears starting to build in my eyes. I was the only person who raised their hand out of the whole class. When I raised my hand, I happened to look around and saw all the disgust in everyone 's eyes. Whenever people would ask about being left handed I would start biting my lip and pulling off the…

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