Brigham Young: The Mormon Church

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In today's society there are hundreds of christian denominations around the world and without Brigham Young the book of mormon would have just been classified as fantasy instead of non-fiction. In the United States alone there are over six million Mormons. Brigham has been called the modern day moses for bringing the teachings of Joseph Smith to the people after Smith's death in 1844. The Mormon church would not be anywhere close to where it is today if it weren't for Young.
Not much of Young's early life is known but it is known that he was born June 1, 1801 in Whitingham, Virginia to a farming family and worked as a traveling blacksmith/ carpenter and was married to his first wife in 1824 to Miriam Angeline Works. Young was originally Methodist but was converted to Mormonism shortly after he read the book of Mormon and officially joined the church in 1832 when his wife passed away and became a member of the original twelve apostles in 1835. Then when the church's founder and leader, Joseph Smith, was murdered by an armed mob in 1844, the twelve apostles took over the church and since Young was the president of the apostles he became the main leader of the
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He became the first governor of the territory while still being the leader of the church. So he handled both the religious economic problems of the territory. One of young's most shocking accomplishments was that he managed to marry fifty four other women after he had converted to mormonism. Six of those women were still married when they married Brigham.
Other than spreading mormon culture and starting towns in the west Brigham young didnt really do anything else. But without Brigham young there wouldnt be Salt lake city and other towns in utah and six million mormons in the United States and without them we would have to find a diffrent religion to

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