My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

1090 Words Nov 25th, 2015 5 Pages
Giving up my phone for 48 hours for WNYC’s Bored and Brilliant Challenge wasn’t so bad for me. I didn’t lock myself in my room and start crying like I expected myself to, and I didn’t give up as my sister thought I would. When I gave my phone up, I was okay with not playing those stupid games 24/7 and I’m sure my friends were definitely okay with the challenge because then I didn’t snapchat them constantly. I was more relaxed because I finished my school work right when I got home, and with my free time I actually went outside and did yoga and read. Outside I spent time thinking, and realized how my phone changed me from this happy go lucky and creative girl to an over sensitive teen who cares more about her follower count on her too many to count social media platforms than her actual life. In other words, I realized my phone had been taking away my identity by distracting me from reality, and I wasn’t experiencing my adolescence as I should: out with my friends, writing in a journal maybe, listening to Janis Joplin, and deciding how I should rebel against my parents and society. No, I was spending more time staring at a recipe for Churro Cheesecake on Pinterest that I would never make than thinking about who I am. I was becoming a conformist, afraid of the misery my life would become if I deleted my Instagram, and was losing my independence and self reliance, always carrying my phone around and checking it subconsciously.
Using the app “Moment,” I discovered that on the…

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