My Personal Statement On Education Essay

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My introduction into education was like most children’s fascination my curiosity took me to levels to where even today I want to explore the world. It made me happy when I had received an award in second grade even though at that age we are still really young and don’t have difficult class work to do, seeing my dad proud that I got an award is a good feeling, and my motivation to continue on having an education. Also being one of my own goals I want to accomplish and show myself that I can complete something I put my mind to.
Starting from a really young age I grew up being really shy in school causing it to be a setback for me during that age though being shy affected me I was still trying to focus on learning more in class some days were easier than other. However it was difficult at times because with me being the way I was I didn’t communicate and ask questions I needed to know more of or help on class work we had. It took me a while to get comfortable with a teacher and be able to speak with them though I did enjoy being in class where I got to make some friends and do school activities. Mrs. Black was a great science teacher I had during third grade; science was a subject I enjoyed learning about. She knew I was shy but Mrs. Black did her best in us and making it more comfortable if we had any trouble understanding worksheets, I wouldn’t have a problem communicating with her asking for help.
A bad experience I had was moving to a different school in the middle of…

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