My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Essay

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Philosophy of Nursing My respective philosophy of nursing revolves around the idea that in order to provide safe and effective nursing care you must have empathy and the drive to continue to learn and improve as a nurse. Having empathy means being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, being able to understand or feel what they are going through. I believe as a nurse I should always put myself in the patient’s shoes, this will ensure that they are getting the care they need, they are getting the autonomy they deserve and every aspect of the individual, as a whole, is being considered. From the Metaparadigm Concept definitions (found in the table at the end of the paper) you can see that my philosophy not only deals with the person physically but mentally as well. Encompassing the drive to continue to learn and improve as a nurse is imperative to the outcome of a nurse’s future patients. The purpose of this paper is to explain my philosophy of nursing and how several different factors have influenced it. The factors that helped shape my philosophy of nursing into what it is today are: previous general education courses, Benedictine values, The College of Saint Scholastica’s 5 C’s of nursing, and my personal and professional experiences.
Previous General Education Courses I have confidence that my previous general education courses have helped prepare the foundation for the people skills needed to be a great nurse. I have a Bachelor’s degree in prosthetics serving a…

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