My Personal Note On My Life Essay

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These last few months have really been somewhat enjoyable but tiring as well. I am having mixed feels about the plan and have started to leave some details out when I am writing to my sister. I haven’t done a mic check since I ran into my sister at Sax and I am in need of one and listening to some good Jazz music. Melody is singing tonight and I know a lot of single men will be there. The shower was good and hot and I feel relaxed. I have a taste for Sax’s famous Shrimp and Grits with a strong long island ice tea.
I walked in the club and as usual and go straight to the restroom and check my hair. I am tired or wearing those wigs and happy that I can sport my short hair style. As I am walking out of the restroom I notice two cute guys sitting far enough away from each other for me to think they are alone and do not know of each other. I walked to the last bar and sat at the first bar stool. I immediately looked around and didn’t see anyone else that appeared to be alone. As I turned to look at the band, one of the single guys that were at the bar is now walking towards me. I am watching him through my peripheral vision and make sure to not turn my head in his direction. Excuse me, I heard then I turn my head. Is anyone sitting here. He said then smiled. I looked up and smiled back. Yes, you are, then turned my head back to the band. He came around behind me and gently rubbed my back as he walked behind me. I smiled but didn’t expect that. I’m Elliot, and you…

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