My Personal Leadership Experience

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Personal Leadership Experience Evaluation Report

As the semester comes to a close, it is important to reflect on all that has been accomplished within the past four months. I ask myself: how I will take what I have learned and apply it to whatever I will do in life from this point on. I enjoyed this semester, particularly because I was able to take more of the classes in my majors, MHR and Real Estate. I became a lot more excited to start my career and apply all that I have learned in school, out in the professional world. Even my other business classes taught me valuable skills I would be able to use in my career as well. When MHR 365 started, I was a bit unsure as to how this class would help me in my career. I figured you gain leadership
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Through group projects, self-evaluations, and StrengthsFinder, I have come to realize what type of leader I am and how to use my unique style to my advantage. The first time I was able to display my leadership style in this course was when we were comping up with an idea for our Visualization Action Project (VAP) with our teams. My team had a difficult time coming up with a set idea at first. When we came up with an idea, I didn’t quite agree with it, so I voiced my opinion. In order for both the project and team to be successful, everyone needed to be on board to support what we were doing, and I wasn’t on …show more content…
I was able to evaluate myself based on a set of questions, and three people in my life who are in supervisory roles over positions I hold or held evaluated my leadership style as well. The results of the SLPI surprised me, especially because all of my rankings were lower than the ones my observers gave me. This was also interesting given that the week before I had a performance review with one of my supervisors who filled out my evaluation. She stated how I needed to improve on my confidence. I know the answers to questions I have, but I am not completely sure. This confidence came into play with my evaluations, for I thought less of myself as compared to the observers. I have come to realize that I must work on my confidence, and so I am taking on projects and roles at work without hesitation, and I am trying to be less hard on myself. It cannot happen overnight, but now that I realized it as a weakness, I can improve upon it to become a better

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