My Personal Definition Of Learning Styles Essay examples

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In today’s modern, technological and advancing world, education is being delivered through various channels and teaching styles. Traditional teaching and learning is no longer confined to the walls of a classroom, but lectures, lessons and notes can be accessed and taught globally in real time. The education system is becoming more diverse and students are expected to absorb and apply their education effectively. Students are also expected to fully learn and understand their courses in order to achieve academic success. However, in order to attain academic success, students must apply their specific learning style to their field of study.
According to, learning styles (preferences) is defined as “an individual’s unique approach to learning bases on strengths, weaknesses, and preferences.” However, my personal definition of learning styles can be defined as “the way someone learns best”. As we will see later on; the way someone learns best is a key factor in that person reaching their full learning potential and achieving academic success. If someone wants to master a specific skill or are of study, they must figure out a way in which they will learn the necessary work and information in order to apply it effectively to their specific field. There is a big difference in ‘doing something’ and ‘doing something you love to do’. In order to master an area, one must apply their learning style.
There are three learning styles; the visual style, the auditory and…

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