My Personal And Professional Life Essay

1050 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
In this paper I will discuss several human relation topics I will incorporate into my personal and professional life. I will discuss motivation and what motivation means to me. I will discuss the importance of goal setting. I will share a few of my short and long term goals. I will discuss stress management. I will list ways I will reduce stress in my life and in the workplace. Lastly, I will discuss communication and specifically how I intend to continue to improve my communication skills.
There are many factors of human resources I will use in my personal and professional life. Motivation and goal setting are two factors I will continue to incorporate into my life. For me, motivation is reaching goals I have established for myself. I continue to establish, both, long term and short term goals for myself. It is important to have long-term and short-term goals. Without goals, there is no point to life. Long-term goals can cause discouragement. Short-term goals that lead to long-term goals are much more self-fulfilling.
My short-term goals include moving into a new home, because my condo has sold. Another short-term goal is to finish this semester of nursing school, which leads to my long-term goal of graduating next summer with my Bachelor’s degree. Taking more vacations is a long-term goal, as my schedule and finance’s do not allow this luxury, right now. I have to wait until my children graduate high school before I can move out of state therefore, that is…

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