Essay on My Parents Raised Me With A Baptist Christian Faith

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My parents raised me with a Baptist Christian faith. The role of religion (Activity 1.3 – Role of Religion), was evident in my upbringing – we went to church every Sunday until I turned 18, spanking was an acceptable form of discipline, evolution didn’t exist, we said prayer before eating any meal, etc.) As I got older, forms of punishment like spanking moved on to time alone from distractions in my room, where I had to reflect on my actions – similar to therapy in Japan (Nathan, 1990). My parents’ began teaching me their values at a very early age – some of which I still live by, while others I fully disagree with. For example, within the church, the ability to reach out to, empathize with, and emotionally support others was strongly encouraged. I found this to be similar to a concept in Filipino culture called pakikiramdam (Mataragnon, 1988). I believe this is a positive attribute I learned from religion that I still try to live by today. On the other hand, my parents’ are against a woman’s right of choice over her body – they are strongly against abortions or pre-marital sex. Their religion formed the way I viewed health-related behaviors, gender roles, and interpersonal relationships – nearly all aspects of society. I grew up believing men had to be the head of a household, and that sex was something only married men and woman did. This changed once I entered high school, and was introduced to different perspectives than the ones I was raised with. Although my…

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