My Parents Have Influenced Who I Am Today

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1. Personal inventories are an important step when selecting a suitable career because through these surveys you will more about yourself and it gives a clear idea about your career. For example, your personality should meet your career. If your personality is The Givers you would most enjoy a job where you help people and interact with others. You would enjoy the company of others rather than sitting all day and doing paperwork. Personal Inventories help you select a profession that matches your multiple intelligence. My personal intelligence is interpersonal I would enjoy a career where I can work with others, build relationship and show my leadership skills rather than working alone most of the time. Surveys help reveal your most important …show more content…
My parents have influenced the person I am today. They have always taught me from right to wrong and have always brought the best in me. They are my role model and they have done everything in their power to make me who I am. They have made sure to show how to get on the right path and encouraged me to do my best. My friends have also influenced the person I am today. I have known them since I was 10 and they have always supported me as an individual. Being with them has given me an ability to look through other people 's perspectives to understand their feelings. They have always encouraged me to do my best. I would say society has influenced who I am today. Always being on social and looking up to celebrities have made me thrive to success. Looking at people who are trying to make a change in this world has really opened my eyes to know what is happening around the world. I now want to make a change in this world and bring people something better. My sister has influenced to be who I am today because she is my role model. She is older than me and opened my eyes to many things like my strengths, and others. She has always tried to keep me on the right track and has given me some of the greatest advice. My love for talking has influenced the person I am today. I am always social and I love meeting new people. Through this I have met different people who have shared their stories. This has opened my eyes to other people 's situation and has truly taught me to never judge a book by its cover because you never know what they might be going through. It has made me more sensitive to others and has taught me to take others feeling into

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