My Parents Changed After Having Kids Essay

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For my parent interview, I interviewed my mom. I asked questions regarding how her relationship with my father changed after having kids. They had their first child (my older sister) at a young age of 19 and 20. So with that being said, their relationship changed a lot. Since they were so young when they had my sister they really had to grow up and face their responsibilities at an early age.
My mom made it very clear that she got in arguments with my dad a lot more after they had their first child. Before having my sister their differences seemed minute. However, after having my sister their differences impacted their relationship on a much larger scale. They would often argue about what was important and what was not, and who wasn’t doing enough and who was doing everything. The argument would always end with my mom saying that my father needed to grow up. However, by the time that they had me they had learned how to work with each other. Conversely, with my older sister they were still trying to figure out how to work with each other and how to raise a child.
Being that my mom and dad were young parents, many of their friends wanted them to hang out, go to parties, and do things of that nature. However, since they had two kids at this point most of the time they had to miss out on these events. With that being said, my mom said that their social life was still very much intact and fun at times. They just became more like home bodies, and instead of going out they…

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