My Own Personal Learning Network Essay

1033 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
When reflecting on my own Personal Learning Network I realized that I rely on a hodge-podge of both people and online resources to aid in my teaching and instruction. First and foremost, I rely heavily on people to enhance my teaching and to aid in lesson planning. I collaborate weekly with the other sixth grade teachers across the district after school one day a week to plan both day to day lessons and to plan big picture outlines for each quarter. Furthermore, I am the representative for my school on a literacy leadership team within the district that is in charge of making large scale decisions for language arts curriculum across the middle schools. Through this group we have integral discussions about the direction of the subject for the middle schools, work on quarterly frameworks, create common assessments, and discuss vertical alignment. Finally, I lean on those that have more knowledge and experience than I do regularly. In particular, I seek out advice and help from both my instructional coach in my building and my mentor who is also an instructional coach when I need help with lessons, resources, technology, etc. on a weekly or even daily basis. I am currently part of the Ohio Education Association and use this resource periodically for information. I also read books and articles to enhance my practices but these are usually based on the current curriculum or strategies being promoted within the district. For instance, I have taken courses to dive…

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