My Own Interpersonal Communication Skills Essay

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In this essay, I will be evaluating my own interpersonal communication skills in a group project. The aim of this group project was to produce a presentation of a lab report on a study we did as a group. My group for the presentation consisted of four students from the University of Chichester between the ages of 19 and 26. In this report, I will refer to the other group members by their initials (MS, CW, and LR).
I will be comparing my communication to Trenholm and Jensen’s competence model (2009). For example, at the beginning of the module, I was very good at role competence, as I tend to take charge of the group and everyone else follows my lead to a certain extent. This was also true of the group project, as I wrote the content of the slides and wrote up the bullet points for what everyone had to say on each slide.
Because I knew my role in the group, I was also good at self-competence, I knew the image I wanted to put across and made sure that everyone was ok with me organising most of the presentation, as I knew that it would work a lot better if everyone was happy with me in that role (Brilhart and Galanes 1998). However, I recognise that my message competence needed work, I often had difficulties finding the right words to get my meaning across to people and misunderstandings can occur. I aimed to improve on my message competence by simplifying the message I want to get across, as suggested by Hullman (2004). Other issues I identified with my communication skills…

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