Essay on My Overall Classroom Experience

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My overall classroom experience was good, which lead to some crazy experiences, but it was difficult because of the fact that I lost someone so very dear to me. Losing my great grandfather, whom is my mom’s grandfather did impact my semester in a very negative way and made it difficult to focus at times because of the stress it caused on me. Not being able to believe that it actually happened and the fact that he is gone and shaken me up, and it becomes so hard randomly. Sometimes I feel the need to just give up, but I always remember what a great fighter he was, so to make him proud I just have to pull it together through these times.

My great grandfather was a 95 year old, independent, caring and strong, and adventurous man. Originally, he grew up in India and had been going back and forth for years, now; visited India for three to six months a year. Later, in 1984 he moved to Canada, to raise his children and grandchildren and allow them to live a simpler lifestyle. He was a very generous man, always donation funds to Surrey Memorial Foundation and improving hospital needs. Also, donated money to a senior home for elderly men and women, so they had a place to live, if they had no family around. He often told us of his accomplishments from his past with a smile, so he has always been proud of himself.

He was a man with zero health concerns and/or issues. Although, when he went to India in 2009, he had fallen and injured himself on his leg and it got infected and after…

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