My Grandparents Biography

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My grandpa, Onas L. Mays, was born Jan 23rd, 1919, at 3:30 in the morning. Instead of being delivered in a hospital, Onas was born inside his log home in Howe, Idaho. He was welcomed to his family by loving parents, James and Anna Mays, along with his older siblings, Wilma, Emlen, and Carl. He was raised on a sheep and cattle ranch. This influenced him to grow up as a farmer later in his life.
Onas learned to work hard at a young age. He didn’t grow up with tractors to help him with his chores on the ranch; instead, he had horse teams. Some of his chores included threshing grain, rolling hay, and hauling logs down from the mountains and then cutting them by hand to help build their barn.
Grandpa always had a love for being outdoors. When he
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However it did cause some trials. My Dad told me he rarely remembers seeing his Grandma and Grandpa. However, it taught my Dad and his siblings that nobody, not even family, can control what you believe is right and what makes you happy.
While In Logan my Grandparents had six children together. His children grew up the same way he did on the farm. (Only this time they had tractors instead of a horse team) Grandpa began his farmer career with several thousand chickens, apple and apricot orchards, and a few dairy cows.
They worked hard to make the farm successful, which lead to Grandpa serving as President of the Farm Bureau for many years. In 1970 the state downgraded his farm, and he was un- able to pay for the expensive equipment so after many successful years, he sold the farm property to the LDS church.
A few years later, Grandpa’s health began to go downhill when he contracted Parkinson’s disease which was about the same time that I was born. When I was young I had no idea Grandpa’s health was in bad shape. I can’t remember seeing him sitting still reclining on a couch. The only time I remember seeing him relaxing was when he would take naps outside on the lawn. He always preferred to be

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