Essay on My Original Thoughts About Terrorism

1157 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
My original thoughts about terrorism were heavily influenced by recent terrorist attacks on the United States. The motivation behind events such as 9/11 and the Boston Bombing are difficult for fellow Americans to understand. It seems delusional to validate the killings of so many innocent people through religion or politics. The video, A Legacy of Violence,(Setton Mudd & Carroll, 2000) by no means justifies terrorist acts, but explains them as a military and political tactic. By focusing on the history of the development of terrorism, and using examples outside of the U.S., it was easier to learn about the mentality behind terrorist attacks. The segment of the video (Setton et al, 2000) discussing the Irish rebellion for independence was most interesting to me. The example of Irish nationalism brought to awareness my lack of knowledge of terrorism outside of enemies of the United States, demonstrated extremists non acceptance of compromise, and illustrated counter terrorism.
Furthermore, I was most surprised by the historic account of the Irish Republican Army, or IRA. I would think a seemingly, large and ongoing conflict, such as Ireland 's fight for independence, would be well known in the United States. However, my only previous knowledge of the IRA is from the fictional television show Sons of Anarchy. The television show depicts the modern IRA as an underground rebel group, which uses illegal firearm sales, human trafficking, bombings, and drive by…

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