My Observation On My Daughter Destiny Essay examples

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Physical Development
The adolescences I decided to do my observation on is my niece Destiny she is 13 years old, she weighs 145 pounds, and she is 5’4 feet tall. Destiny started puberty and her menstruation at the age of nine, which is normal in our family. Destiny went through early maturation (Feldman 2014). She went through physical changes in her body image as she has developed breast and other female changes which attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Destiny does not have a healthy nutrition diet this causes her to be overweight. Destiny try’s to be active she did cheerleading for a couple of years even though she still struggles with being overweight. I don’t believe Destiny has any eating disorders but I did notice that she skips meals a lot. I know she feels discourage about her weight because my family’s does talk about her weight a lot which makes her feel unhappy in own her body. Destiny would constantly say I wish I look like her or I wish I was as skinny as you. I do feel that social media makes Destiny feel even worse about herself and her body image. So she looks for the approval of the opposite sex to make her feel better about herself. Cognitive Development When I had help Destiny with her homework she was thinking more abstractly she was figuring out word and math problems, she was even teaching me a few things. This would be an example of formal operation thinking (Feldman,2014). Destiny is very smart but makes bad…

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