My Observation Of The Classroom Essay

713 Words Mar 13th, 2016 3 Pages
Preschool Observation Observations are a way for future teachers to discover techniques and to prepare them for when they receive their own classroom. For my observation, I choose First United Methodist Preschool. The classroom I visited consisted of fourteen students, a lead teacher, and a co teacher who provided support in guidance and instruction for the students.
• The atmosphere of the classroom was both fun and functional. The walls contained colorful posters and the student’s artwork was displayed on every wall. The classroom gave me a feeling of security therefore I felt the students were comfortable in the environment.
• Teachers have a big responsibly of creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom. A positive attitude from the teacher trickles down to the students in turn creating positive interactions, thoughts, and outcomes in the classroom. I noticed that both teachers constantly displayed a smile on their faces, encouraged the students to make good choices, and kept them busy with fun learning activities. I also witnessed several occurrences when the students just needed a hug from their teachers to reassure them they were in a safe environment.
• The classroom was very structured and all of the students followed the routine. The wall displayed a weekly schedule with visual pictures so the students knew what the day consisted of. As the students transitioned to other activities they went right to their assigned areas at the…

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