English 101: A Narrative Report

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When I began my first English course, I was feeling excited because it was my first semester in college, studying in the United States, in a different language from mine. I remember my first assignment in English 101; we had to compose a narrative essay. I found it interesting because I had to narrate a story from my life. What I learned from it that a narrative essay should have a purpose and the construction of it should include introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. I also tried to be as organized as possible and I think I did a good job. For each of our projects in English 101, a discussion forum was included every two weeks. There, our instructor was posting interesting articles; our job was to read them carefully and answer …show more content…
All the articles were really interesting and I was happy to express my opinion in the forum. They were connected to our current project, in this case to a narrative essay. I believe that a narrative essay is a great start for a first English course; you just have to narrate a story following the instructions at The Owl at Purdue and the book ‘The Curious Writer’. Our second project at English 101 was a profile essay. In this type of essay, I had to make a description of a specific person. It was tough work because I had to interview the person first, but then I was able to start writing piece by …show more content…
The subject of the discussions depends on the essay we are working on; for instance, the semester started with argumentative essay. Before actually submitting the first draft, I got familiar with everything related to this type of essay through the discussion forum. I can tell those discussions were extremely helpful. English 102 was also harder than 101 because the types of essays we covered included a lot of research. Argumentative essay, annotated bibliography and research essay were very interesting to me. One thing which will forever stay in my mind is that I always have to connect my body paragraphs to the thesis statement. With the instructions from the book ‘The Curious Writer’ and the Owl at Purdue, the assignments for the semester were pretty clear and easy to follow. I also want to mention that the instructors from 101 and 102 were very responsive, anytime I had a question I emailed my instructor and I received a response right after my email. Next semester I will be taking English Literature. I am looking forward to taking this course. I feel prepared for it, although, I am completely aware I have a lot of things to improve as a

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