My : My Heart Is Racing Essay

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My heart is racing. I 'm running from something, but I don 't know what. I 'm too afraid to look back to see whatever it is that 's chasing me. Is anything chasing me? My legs won 't stop moving. I 'm afraid. I 'm afraid. I stumble but I keep moving. I can 't stop. I can 't stop. I wake up screaming. I share a room with no one, but lately my brother Michael has been sleeping on the floor. He 's younger than me by two years and technically isn 't really my brother, but I don 't mind. He 's more blood to me than the rest of my Supposed-To-Be family is. He stares at me through the darkness, and I can see that his eyes are wide and scared. I hate scaring him with my nightmares. "Sorry." I mumble. My English is bad, and I don 't have the energy to construct a better explanation. I run a tired hand through my tousled hair. "Slept bad. I 'm sorry." I can 't see his features too well, but I know that he 's frowning. "Are you alright?" I smile and nod at him. I 'm lying. I 'm not alright, but Michael is only fourteen and Mother told me that I shouldn 't share these things with him. He 's too young to hear about how awful I am, Mother said. I shouldn 't be selfish and dump all my worries on to someone who doesn 't have any. So I lie. I am fine and I am happy and my head is not filled with terror and anxiety and I do not have nightmares. I am okay. I do not worry Michael. I do not worry anyone. Mother says that my problems are my problems only. I do not share them. I am not…

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