Essay on My Mother, Dad, And Father

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Mom, Mother, Dad, and Father

Never did I ever question that Gregg and Denise Pattison were my mom and dad. They had the familiar faces I was used to seeing every day, whether it was picking me up from school, taking me to the doctors or tucking me into bed every night, they were mom and dad to me. Every day around one o’clock in the afternoon the mail came, frequently there were letters from a woman named Tammy Defulvio. Those letters seemed of interest to my mom, she never opened them and instead she just set them aside. Being the curious child I was, one day I decided I was going to find one of those letters and open it. After hours of searching, I came across a shoebox in my mom 's closet. It was on the very top shelf and when I finally obtained the box, I dropped it and letters came pouring out, all signed from “Tammy Defulvio”
Every letter I opened was signed at the end “ love mommy.” Love mommy? Why would my own mom write letters to me? We live together. Then it clicked the name of my mom is Denise, not Tammy. Finally, I gathered up the courage to ask who Tammy was. A look of shock and concern came over my mom’s face. “Why?” “Did she try to contact you?” By these responses I already knew that whoever this woman was she had to be bad news. The shock and concern soon left my mom 's face and was replaced with sympathy. “Tammy is your biological mother, she is the women who gave birth to you. Your father and I adopted you” Those words hit me like a brick. All of a sudden…

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