Essay on My Mother And My Father

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I come from a single parent household as I am being raised by just my mother. As related to me by my mother, she and my biological father had ongoing relationship that resulted in my birth. The challenge of motherhood when I was much younger was not very easy for my mother. And as I grow up to be a young lady, I see evidence that her health is not as great as she would like to and she does not blame for it. There is nothing my mother will not do to make sure I am comfortable and well cared for. She has been my only support and provider. My father has never been in my life even though I always wanted the attention of a father. As I grew a little older I made efforts to contact him but all the promises he made to at least visit never came true. That hurts but I have learned to accept my realities. But my mother has always been there for me and this has drawn us so close and sealed the mother-daughter bond that we share. I am grateful to my mother for all she has and continue to do for me. However, there is this nagging feeling and desire for the love of a father or at least a father figure!

In my junior year of high school that all changed someone came into my life and it changed forever for the better of course. It was my Mother 's best friend or as I call him now Dad. As years went by, we developed a father-daughter relationship. He genuinely cares for me and really treats me as his daughter. He calls me his Princess and showers me with love and affection…

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