Essay on My Mother And Father Needs

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Your Honor,
I would like to begin my letter by stating that I believe both a mother and father need to be present in a child’s life for their to be healthy growth and development in a child. However, I firmly believe that my mother is not suitable to be the sole custodian for the majority of the year. I love my mother and my father, but most of all I love my sister. I understand that my sister wants to live with our mother, however, what we want isn’t always what’s best for us. With the amount of time my sister and I have been separated after our parents’ divorce totaling mere weeks, I believe that I have a firm grasp on the state of both of my parents’. My sister should not live the majority of the time with our mother due to many reasons. Firstly, the environment my mother lives in is optimal for her lifestyle and not for raising children. Alburquerque is unsafe, having a crime rate of nearly twice the national average. Ben Boothe Sr. (my mother’s husband) constantly needs to leave his home for many days at a time due to the nature of his work. This occurs every other week, if not more often. My mother, as an actress, has also went out of state many times to shoot or audition. My sister may be left without care for many days if both adults must leave for extended periods of time for work. Secondly, while my mother can manage my sister and I during vacations, or short spans of school, she would flounder in the face of an entire school year. During this just past summer…

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