Essay on My Most Memorable Trip At Walt Disney World

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My most memorable trip was when I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I was in a youth girl group called Prime Stars, and we had a choice of going to Universal Studios or Walt Disney World. Some people chose Universal Studios, some chose Walt Disney World but it was majority rule and Walt Disney World won. One girl, who was chubby, eleven and had very short hair, got very upset and refused to go on the trip. The night before, I had to pack enough clothes to last the weekend and beg my parents to give me enough money. The morning of the trip I had to meet at the club, which is located on the South side of Camilla, Georgia; so the chaperon could take roll and make sure everybody had their essentials for the trip. This trip was the beginning of a new experience for me. Once everything was taken care of, I was on my way to Orlando, Florida for first time. Upon entering Florid, it started to feel warmer and more humid than when i was in Camilla. The scenery was like a tropical jungle with palm trees, beautiful sand and gravel. When I arrived in Orlando, Florida, I went to Hampton Inn, which was located south of Universal Studios, to put my things down and get settled in. My room was very spacious with a Serta king size bed, a double sink, 2 full bathrooms and a flat screen TV. After that was done, I was headed for Walt Disney World with more enthusiasm than ever before. When I finally arrived at Walt Disney World I was amazed at the surroundings,…

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