Personal Narrative: My Trip To Disney

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“Someone broke the car window and stole everything!” a girl from my church group stated with a terrified face. It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon in Orlando, Florida. I was there expending my vacation with my church group. After we went to a few of Disney’s parks we, went to eat in Golden Coral buffet when the beautiful day come to be a day with a bad experience.
I was fourteen years old when I wanted to go to Disney, but for doing that I had to put in my effort, and I had to work in summer for one month. While all my friends enjoyed and play around, I was working so hard to earn money to pay for my trip to Orlando, Florida. I felt sad when I saw my friends playing around and enjoying, but I knew that I would enjoy even more when I arrive
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I decided to call my mom to tell her about the robbery. When my mom answered the phone, I started to tell her everything from the beginning to the end. When I finished, she reminded me that the most important thing is that I was well and alive.
The last three days went very quickly and I was happy because I finally went back to Puerto Rico and saw my family. I remember that when I went back, my whole family was waiting for me at the airport. My little sister, Aixa, ran to me, hugged me, and said, “I missed you a lot.”
“I missed you more,” I replied with a big smile on my face. I felt extremely happy to be with my family again. I enjoyed the trip to Disney so much, but I would have enjoyed it more if my parents and sisters had gone with me. A week after arriving in Puerto Rico and rejoining with my family, my mother, suddenly received a call in which she was informed that my backpack had appeared, but without my belongings. The news did not surprise me at all; it was something logical. The backpack appeared one day without my belongings, obviously. Since the robbery was reported, my mother and I did not had problems getting my Social Security and important papers

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