Personal Narrative: My Most Memorating Medical Experience

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MOST EMBARRASSING MEDICAL EXPERIENCE I went to the health centre for my 3 month-to-month injections. My blood pressure was taken, and it was sky high. The sister advised me I need to go to a hospital ASAP as I could have a stroke. I felt fine. I didn’t experience the warning signs of a stroke, sudden weakness in your arm or leg, facial droop on one side or the inability to speak or understand language.
I went to the hospital straight from the clinic without my wallet or any change of clothes. I was referred to Karl Bremer that is a state hospital as I couldn't afford private care. My youngest sister went with me as she had to help me with the wheelchair.
Arriving at the hospital we waited for roughly an hour in the waiting area before being
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They were maintenance employees, and I was in a wheelchair half bleeding to death. I would expose them to menstrual blood all over the place. It is not easy to lift me and you need to hold me a particular way before I could actually get my ass of the chair. I struggled to explain to them how to lift me but they could not figure out my instructions. It took both men to help me and finally I was seated on the toilet.
They went out and I could release my bladder. I could feel the toilet seat being slippery due to the blood flow that was now masking the seat. I was done, pulled my dress straight, the same 2 workers turned back to put me back on the wheelchair. I stared at the toilet seat that looked like a small murder scene. The men glanced at the toilet seat and I was beyond embarrassed.
I asked for a cloth to clean the seat but my sister took over and cleaned it up. It was the most revolting thing I laid my eyes on. I had inner tears I tried smothering staring at the sight in front of me.
Periods are gross, terrible, and just a horrible pain in the uterus and are something you deal with on your own and now I displayed mine in front of an audience. I felt as if I couldn't breathe, like the air had been sucked out of the room. All I wanted was to escape. I was taken to the ward that looked like a mental institution. Patients were being treated on mixed-sex wards. It was a big room with beds and chairs

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