Essay on My Mind Goes From A Different Place

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My mind goes to a different place. My eyes start to blur as if they were filling with tears, and most times they are. I can’t see straight. My focus is on thoughts, ideas, or places that matter all too much, or not at all. My brain is overtaken with my fears that will happen in the coming seconds, minutes, hours. I don’t know what to think or do. I’m hopelessly lost in my own head. My blank, pale face doesn’t register in people’s minds that I’m not okay. Life gets harder in the middle of one. You don 't know what you 're doing or what you have to do. I feel the shame rise in me as I go through the motions and try to push through without completely falling apart.
Anxiety attacks force you to be afraid of what you can mostly be comfortable with and make you seem as though you are normal, but inside are screaming your head off. You are unable to tell anyone that something was wrong, and that is hard. Friends and family look at you as if you can function for the rest of the day; in reality, that is not the truth and it can be extremely hard to complete the day. The common saying is that life goes on, and it does. In my personal experiences, I occasionally need to take a day off and do what’s best for me and my health. My personal health is 110% more important than anything going on at school. In an article “Teens are Feeling More Anxious Than Ever”, anxiety is the most common mental illness with 25% of all teens suffering and out of that 25%, about 30% of teen girls suffer. This…

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