Essay on My Mentor As A Friend

1386 Words Oct 6th, 2015 null Page
I consider my mentor to be a friend. We have been friends for about four years now. We have created a strong bond between ourselves. I met my mentor, Angie, during the tennis season of my tenth grade year. I was still new to the high school and an upcoming student, so Angie took it upon herself to show me the right path. I befriended everyone on the tennis team; I just became closer with Angela. We had some really amazing times together. We went out to eat and talked, we went to the park, we grabbed ice-cream together, and we played doubles together. Angie and I are similar with personalities and physical features. We both have curly hair, funny, intelligent, caring and understanding, nice, speak our minds, and mixed(racial-butterflies). Angie is African American and Italian. I am African American and Puerto Rican. Height wise Angie is taller than me by a long shot. We are both light-skinned and skinny and my face is rounder than Angie’s though. My relationship with my mentor is based off of our similarities in our life. We relate so much and that created a bond between us. Yes, she is my mentor, but I consider her more as a friend than anything else. We can relate to many things. Such as: striving to do better, same morals, and just trying to be the one person in you family who does right. The more we talked about our past the more we got to to know each other and the more we became closer. I remember this one day though in particular. It was a day over the summer time I…

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