My Little Miracle - Original Writing Essay

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My Little Miracle
I always imagine the day I would have a baby it would be when I would be thirty years old, happily married, and living in a house. The reality was far from that I was 17 going to 18 and I was living at home with my mother and her husband and single. Not quite a fairy tale. That day was the worst and best day of my life. Waking up at 5:00 the morning with and excruciating kick to my lungs, which felt like somebody had just punched me, taking all my air out making me gasp for air. First thing that came to my mind was "what do I do?", "Is it time?" I called my mother right away and said: "mom I think it 's time, the contractions are 5 minutes apart." She said it 's okay I’m on my way get your things ready to go. My first response was “but I have a test!” I look back I thin know naïve that my concern was missing my test. There I am in shock for a minute which passed by as in for an eternity. Until another contraction just stabbed me that made me immediately snap out of it. Quickly I jumped into the shower which was the fastest shower I’ve ever taken. There I was changed with wet hair thinking “please god, help me get through this". There I am staring in front of the mirror looking at myself thinking "I can 't forget to do my make up." I was such a child and in a matter of hours I was going to be an adult taking care of another human being. Scared to the point of no return in the car driving to the hospital with my mother and unborn child. The…

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